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The PP8A Chairman Attended the Hearing on Assessment (Nilai Tahunan /Cukai Pintu) at MPSepang

The Chairman together with 3 residents and 1 committee member Priya Devi from TPP8a attended the hearing session on the protest (Bantahan) for the newly imposed assessment rate to TPP8a property owners.

The hearing was held at Bilik Semarak MPSepang at 10:30am (3/11/2012) between the Pengarah Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta En Mohd Fahmy Bin Tumut and a panel of many other officers.

During the hearing session, PP8A Chairman raised the question on how the rate was arrived, and what are the services provided by the majlis to justify the  amount of assessment (Cukai pintu)

The Director of valuation department answered and explained in detail on the rate imposed and services covered by the assessment. And the presiding panel also agreed to forward our request to review on the possibility of lowering the rate by the Majlis.

The Chairman also posted a question to the Director of Landscape in the same session on the routine of grass cutting, plant trimming, and other landscape programme and coverage area. He also suggested the majlis to put up a notice board at PP8A taman to exhibit the service schedule, contractor’s name with telephone hot line number accessible by all residents in order to monitor the quality of work and to express individual view and level of satisfaction through this direct channel, instead of let alone the RA chairman or committee to sum up and forward all the complains.

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Jabatan Penilaian Pengurusan Harta MPSepang

Cukai Pintu rebate RM48.51 after hearing on Surat Bantahan

Cukai Pintu rebate RM48.51 after hearing on Surat Bantahan