The EGM was sucessfully held on 16/9/2012 and quorum was met

Pursuant to the Article of Association, 2 auditors and 3 trustees were duly appointed and unanimously approved in the EGM

1. The following nominated residents were appointed to be the trustee committee:

  • Kong Kok Meng
  • Aaron Wong Ching Ping
  • Ramish Kumar Gautamadasn

2.The following nominated residents (non committee member) were appointed to be the auditor:

  • Harry Ng Sheng Xyng
  • Woo Wai Leong

One response to “The EGM was sucessfully held on 16/9/2012 and quorum was met

  1. Thank you to those residents who take time out to attend the EGM. Without your co-operation & attendance, the meeting would not have gathered enough to meet the quorum and decide on the matters in the agenda.

    Even though the quorum is met, but the number is still very low compared to the total number of units in our Taman. I hope, in the future, more residents will try to come, especially our AGM (tentatively next March), to voice up your view & decide what is the best interest for our Taman.

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