Our brave security guard Marzuki killed a snake at Jalan PP2/9


Marzuki proudly showed to the chairman his catch of the day (Around 7:00pm 27/8/2012)

In another incident, yesterday the chairman spotted a 3 feet long brown snake in front of his house too coming fast towards him, Spontaneously he tried to look for a stick, but in just a moment the snake run away and disappeared into the grass, Marzuki arrived in seconds, too bad the snake escaped.

7 responses to “Our brave security guard Marzuki killed a snake at Jalan PP2/9

  1. Please refer to the following link, look like not just our Taman is having snakes due to construction development.


    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

      The loss of natural habitat is causing snakes to enter homes to look for food and seek shelter. They seek temporary refuge in damp places like drains.
      So please plant some snake repellent flower like balsam and cassia occidentalis (kacang kota) in your yard. I am growing some at my yard now.

      So let us make our taman a truly snake free garden with lush of green and colourful blossom, fill with enchanting wild bird call amid misty dawn serenity.

  2. looks like alot of snakes in the area…..2 months back there was a snake in my compound and it was killed by Isa.thanks to him. But looks like there need to be a permanent solution to this , we dont want until someone is bitten by a snake then only action is taken.

  3. Thanks to our security guards, this is the 2nd time I heard they have killed a snake. Just like to say thank you to them.

  4. ong bee yoon

    good job

  5. Good job Mazuki! you are the man!

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