YB Teresa Kok to officiate ground breaking ceremony at Taman Putra Prima 8A on 30/6/2012

This function opens to all Taman Putra Prima and Taman Mas Residents and the following lunch catering menu will be served.

1)      Nasi Briyani
2)      Ayam Masak Merah
3)      Daging Masak Kurma
4)      Dalca Sayur
5)      Pappadom
6)      2 types of kuih
7)      Dessert: sliced watermelon, honey dew and oranges
8)      Drink: iced cordial drink

3 responses to “YB Teresa Kok to officiate ground breaking ceremony at Taman Putra Prima 8A on 30/6/2012

  1. Bravo! every one have done a great job in this event. Hope the committee member united and continue work together for better future. Thanks for your endeavor especially Mr Kong, this event won’t come without your effort. A thumb for every one of you!

  2. I would like to say thank you to all the committee members for their efforts to make this event runs successfully and not forgeting the sacrifices & co-operation from the owners at Jalan PP2/7 for making way for the venue of this event.

    I hope all those who attended this event have a very pleasant time & enjoy the foods and thank you all for coming to show your support and appreciation for the concern shown by our Selongor Govt, MPSepang & the developer for making our Taman a more pleasant & safer place to live in.

    Thank you to all the VIPs for showing your concern for the welfare of the residents in Taman Putra Prima, Taman Mas & the surrounding Taman-Taman.

  3. Dear Owners / Residents at Jalan PP2/7,

    As you know there will be a big event to be held at Jalan PP2/7 on this Saturday at 11am, the entire Jalan PP2/7 will be blocked off to cars to facilitate the setting up of a stage, canopy table & chairs at Jalan PP2/7 on Thursday (any changes of timing will be informed in timely manner). Appreciate if you could park your cars elsewhere within our Taman as Jalan PP2/7 will not be accessible to cars from this Thursday to Saturday evening. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Appreciate your co-operation and understanding on this matter in order to make this event successful. All of you are invited to the event.

    Thank you.
    Zone C Leader

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