The Garden @ Semenyih Mewah 4 looks very similar to our PP8A main entrance

It is interesting that the newly launched “The Garden @ Semenyih Mewah 4” is very much look-alike to our PP8A grand entrance especially the guard-house.

garden mewah 4

G&G stutus, guardhouse, motorized boom gate, plus 2 years free maintenance fees all taken care by developer.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to notice that the sales brochure below  is vividly stamped with a Gated  & Guarded Community printed decal and illustrated with 4 motorized boom gates in place, not just mere quietly or verbally  indicated by some less committed competitor through our past experience.

Moreover, I think The Garden developer is thoughtful and genuine enough  to extend 2 years security maintenance coverage for free. This is most crucial and appreciated by the RA as generally occupancy rate to any new housing scheme is very low from the beginning, many investors are neither decided to sell nor keep for a longer period, and usually home buyers take at least 1 to 2 years for renovation before they can move in. Thus it is difficult for the resident association to manage collection themselves, and it is even more difficult having need to go through all the hassles or bureaucracies, applying and complying to the local authority for the necessary G&G approval and license such as TOL, water electricity connection, guard-house building permit……etc

For those unfamiliar with us, we have been through all these alone, we know the nightmare, so do our neighbour 8B and still arguing over the sharing of playground and demolition of perimeter fencing from the jabatan perancangan of MPSepang, the 8b guard-house complete approval still in question, and most disheartening our developer is staying off from the dispute or mess created by them.

I hope in future any developer who wish to sell their products as gated and guarded scheme please complete and put everything in place plus 2 years prepaid or free maintenance fees before hand over to the poorly organised inexperience RA. It is an unethical marketing practice to lure them as G&G, the fact that it is so difficult to get enough volunteers or purchasers to do all these.  Many ignorant residents or new born RAs do not know about the running of G&G until they caught and stuck into the process.

Kindly let the purchasers beware ( Caveat emptor) , no more half-cooked potato or conjoined twin ( 连体双胞胎) please.

 For more detail:


5 responses to “The Garden @ Semenyih Mewah 4 looks very similar to our PP8A main entrance

  1. Andrew Devasahayam Thanaraju

    Pls send me more details. Thank you.

  2. Most of the time, when we learn the lesson thru the hard way, we will usually be proud of our achievement and will continue to strive to maintain the achievement throughout a longer period of time.

    However, there will be a time when the committee members will be tired and need new volunteers to take over or engage outside management corporation / caretaker to maintain the services to our community.

    Our RA has come a long way in assisting our community to improve the living condition, including the safety, in our Taman. All residents are welcome to volunteer yourselves to continue our track records and defending our fragile G&G scheme that is constantly required support from all residents.

  3. Here I have see a truly visionary developer. Well plan development and a hassle free property with G&G scheme for RA and resident.

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

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