The developer is pushing the problem of his poor planning on 8A/8B playground to MPSepang

Below are some documented evidences from what has been transpired over the last 2 years on by some concerned purchasers over the doubtful or disputable divider fencing and playground. Thus creating a huge controversy on both 8A & 8B residents leaving  a fuss over the administrability of both G&G community schemes. The Majlis harsh directives further aggravated the ambiguity or dispute over the security boundary issue.







9 responses to “The developer is pushing the problem of his poor planning on 8A/8B playground to MPSepang

  1. Thanks for finally writing about >The developer is pushing
    the problem of his poor planning on 8A/8B playground to MPSepang | Taman Putra Prima 8A Puchong <Loved it!

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  4. To combine security service will not work in the long run because:
    1. If we would like to appoint property management company for a better up keeping, but 8B refuses.
    2. We have ~98% of membership collection, how much can 8B contribute? Who will responsible for 8B collection and how to enforce?
    3. Other financial, security issue and management decision

    8B has shown non cooperative attitude even though in this initial stage, do you think they can be a good partner in the future? I don’t put much hope in this. I foresee many problems will arise and it is time and energy consuming. Don’t expect committee member will volunteer for all these in long term.

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      I hereby sincerely invite Mr Leong WS to come forward voluntarily to ease off our concern and workload, All committee members are extremely tired from the RM2.6M sunken road issue, unfreeze guardhouse TOL approval, monthly collection matter, now the fencing and playground issue seems unsettled, we need to update latest information continuously and share with all including 8B, developer, majlis and the whole world, but who care to step in to assist us…….

  5. 8A G&G scheme is approved and licensed, while 8B guard house is built on the drain and too close to main road. However, the authority and developer has decided to remove licenced 8A fencing but keep illegal 8B guard house. How do you want to apply enforcement on the other illegal structure in the future? MPS please justify.

  6. Why not just combine the security team of both 8A & 8B then remove the fencing for a sharing playground

    • Hi Leong WS,

      Thank you for your suggestion. I have a question for you if you don’t mind. Who should the security team take the instruction from, 8A RA or 8B RA?

      Let me put it this way, let say the security is the wife and the RA is the husband. How can a wife be married to 2 husbands? Which husbands should the wife listen to? If both husbands want her companion on the same night, which husbands should she be with on that night?

      Let get back to the real world, even if both RAs agreed to engage the same security firm, another matter that needs to take into consider, ie. money/funds. Having 2 exit/entry points (security guard house) mean more security guards are needed, thus need pay more, to look after the 2 security check points. Why not having 1 security check point and engage less security guards and use the money saved to engage a property manager and a general worker to maintain our Taman? Don’t expect the committee members will carry the burden of looking after our Taman forvever, they will be tired on one of these days and in the end when nobody volunteered, everything will failed. So, this paid property manager and general worker can lessen the burden on the committee members to keep our Taman, not just safer, but also nicer place to live in.

      Aaron Wong

    • Well said, Aaron! Indeed it is a BULL SHIT left by the lousy developer. Sold the properties, collected money and spank their buttock and left away. We all were being made foolish by the developer, by creating a war zone and destroy the brotherhood within 8A & 8B. We are supposed to be 1 body and not 2 phases as splitted by the developer.

      Lousy developer is pretty smart to brain wash the resident and RA committee. Don’t think by tearing down the fencing will solve all the problems, it will indeed create war and more hassle within 8A & 8B. How? Why? Aaron had clearly described it earlier. If you still don’t understand go and check with RA committee member or go through our blog in earlier post. The developer have no right to take down our fence!!! If you (developer) really want to use dirty way to remove our fence, go to take down all illegal fence in 8B also! Don’t forget what you have promised us in black and white. Don’t think you have deleted it and story is “the end”. We have all the information kept in our blog.

      In addition, I need to emphasize further the RA’s work as volunteer without a single cent but used to spent their own pocket money for communication, travel, and sacrifice their most valuable time with family and works. Don’t expect RA like a hero and go round serving the resident like property management firm in condo. Nothing is going to come easily, without the effort and cooperation from the residents and committee members.

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