8A RA presented a brand new 1.5HP York aircon to Tmn Putra Prima police station

20/11/2013 RA reporting


Chairman Kong presenting the aircon remote controller to ketua balai S/Insp Aziz and accompanied by Gabungan Secretary Terence Choong

The security conscious and peace loving PP8A residents welcome the newly shifted in police squad from Putra Perdana to Taman Putra Prima. Before, our Taman Putra Prima pondok polis used to be served as a stop over or rest area stationed by  only one or two police constables.  Now it is a full function police station (balai) equipped with operation rooms, 24 hour service counter  and is headed by a ketua balai S/Insp Aziz bin Ali.

Coincidentally, the police station is just located several hundred meters away from the guard house or main entrance of our  gated and guarded community scheme. It is indeed our nearest neighbour and the most strategic security supporting counterpart.

As a gesture of appreciation to the squad dedication and commitment to battle against crime in our Taman, we the RA is most delighted to contribute a 1.5HP brand new York aircon unit to the renovating police station.

Let’s join effort with the police and contribute our part to turn TPP8A into the safest place or home for all.

One response to “8A RA presented a brand new 1.5HP York aircon to Tmn Putra Prima police station

  1. The launching of the new Balai Police Putra Perdana at our Taman Putra Prima last Saturday indeed bringing cheer to the residents of Taman Putra Prima and its surrounding taman-taman. Hopefully the safety can be improved from now on with so many snatch theft, etc. happening.

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