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Assess objectively before taking hardline approach against scheme

Star Metro, letter 6 Nov 2013

By: Eddy Ng , Puchong


MPPJ enforcement unit dismantling barricade

“We live in an age where some residents in high-risk spots fear for their security at all times. With broad consensus from the residents concerned, the RAs have taken a practical solution to protect themselves and their properties in view of the inadequacies of our system.

Looking at the situation, the local authorities should have come up with an objective assessment of the area before taking the hard-line approach.

Many questioned the enforcement action by the local council, which should always be above reproach as it is their responsibility to protect residents, too.

It is clear that dissenting views are not uncommon when it comes to the gated-and-guarded concept.”

full text:


MBPJ dismantles boom gates and barriers in three PJ neighbourhoods

MBPJ orders RAs to take down illegal guard booths and boom gates