Lowering Of Water Retention Basin Level & Desilting Works To Ease Off Road Flooding

(15/11/2013 Taman Putra Prima reporting)

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The western end of the newly repaired Jalan Putra Prima Utara is still flooding after heavy down pour. This persistent problem was brought to the direct attention of the Jabatan Kejuruteraan MPSepang by the 8A resident association several months ago.

Among the immediate measures taken by the Jabatan Kejuruteraan including building more scupper drains and weep holes along the flood prone area, two  new box culverts were laid across Jalan  Taman Mas to alleviate the discharge capacity by diverting substantial amount of the storm water to Taman Mas instead of flowing to the over loaded Tmn Putra Prima storm retention basin.

However due to new developments added to the upper stream, plus clogging of water canal at the downstream, Engineer from the Jabatan Kejuruterran of MPSepang En Mohd Hairil Ridza Bin Hashim and Pengarah Puan Nurulbaiti Binti Zainuldin had several discussions and follow up site inspections with the Vice Chairman of the Residents’ Consultative Committee of Zone Putra Prima & Taman Mas (Jawatan-kuasa Perunding Penduduk) or (JPP) Mr Kong Kok Meng.

A quick decision was made yesterday  to deploy a tractor mounted jackhammer to reduce the design level of the spillway structure or ponding level of the existing water retention basin, and to prescribe desilting work at the down stream in order to ease off the slow discharge of storm water.

Hopefully with these rapid remedial actions by the Jabatan Kejuruteraan, the discharge of the excessive storm water that causes frequent flooding to our road is under controlled.  The RA  also like to express gratitude to the officers of Jabatan Kejuruteraan for their dedication.

5 responses to “Lowering Of Water Retention Basin Level & Desilting Works To Ease Off Road Flooding

  1. Thank you very much to MPS and most importantly Mr Kong for making this happen. Your endless effort in servicing the community is highly appreciated.

  2. Thanks, Pengarah Puan Nurulbaiti & Engineer En Hairil of Jabatan Kejuruteraan, the flooded road was completely dried this afternoon after your successful remedial action.

  3. Good job! Appreciate the great effort from Majlis in resolving the resident’s matter. Special thanks to Mr Kong day and night spare his valuable time contribute to the residents.

  4. Thanks Mr Kong!

  5. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

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