Mesyuarat JPP Zon Taman Mas,Putra Prima

The routine Resident/ Community Consultative  Committee Meeting (Jawatankuasa Perunding Penduduk JPP) for Zone Taman Mas –Taman Putra Prima was held on 13/7/2013 at Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis Taman Mas. The meeting was chaired by MPSepang Councillor Mr Pulanthran and attended by the deputy JPP of Taman Mas En Zawawi,  Taman Seri Aman –En Nasri and Taman Putra Prima –Gabungan President Mr Kong, En Affandi of MPSepang and a few others.

Mesyuarat JPP pada 13/7/2013

Mesyuarat JPP pada 13/7/2013

Many issues were raised including garbage collection, grass cutting, tree trimming, poor road surface drainage to the newly upgraded Jalan Putra Prima Utara, sinkhole problem, proposed community hall to Taman Mas, and Taman Putra Prima. Guard House and related problem.

Councillor Pulanthran would bring our concern to the relevant department of MPSepang and YDP to get the matter resolved ASAP

At the meantime, as on grass cutting and garbage collection issues, he urged the residents to monitor and to follow up with the officer in charge from:

Jabatan Pengindahan Bandar:  En Mazlan 013-3806505

And contractor:  En Norehan 012-903 9494

Should you not happy or dissatisfy with the work or service rendered by the contractor.

Roles and Objectives of JPP

  • To strengthen and optimise the responsibilities of the Council Members (Ahli Majlis) as agents of communication between the Council (Majlis) and the residents of Sepang.
  • To act as an agent of dissemination for Council’s information and rules to the residents.
  • To promote residents’ involvement in all Council activities.
  • To monitor all resident association activities in all zones.
  • To conduct LOCAL AGENDA 21-related activities and promote a sustainable development within MPSepang

Who are invited to be (JPP)  Community Consultative Committee members?

  1. Council Members (Ahli Majlis)
  2. Chairman / Secretary of Resident Associations *
  3. Committee Members of Mosques
  4. Neighbourhood Watch (Kawasan Rukun Tetangga /KRT)
  5. Non – Government Organizations (NGO)
* For Taman Putra Prima, it is represented by the President and Secretary of the Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk .

2 responses to “Mesyuarat JPP Zon Taman Mas,Putra Prima

  1. good to see that authority look seriously to our matter. It will ease up for us to make report and get the most efficiency response from authority

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    MPSepang to set up special team for services that require urgent action.

    THE Sepang Municipal Council (MPSepang) is in the midst of forming Pantas, a team that will serve as an early responder for urgent services required by the council.

    “The Pantas team will attend to matters on infrastructure maintenance and emergencies,” said MPSepang president Mohd Sayuthi Bakar.

    “These include patching roads, covering potholes and removing fallen trees, as well as lending assistance during floods and landslide.”

    For full reporting please read link below:

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