Any idea how to manage the perforation of security at the recreational park and play ground between 8A and 8B ?

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PP8A Children Play ground and recretional park

PP8A Children Play ground and recretional park

Who created this land of dispute???

How do you want to manage it?

Shall we turn it into: Disneyland, Gaza Strip or DMZ of Korea Peninsula

for our children playground ?????

The choice is our, not developer, I think your children have the right answer, so let’s do something for your children and bring the magic kingdom home.


Who can guarantee the safety and security of these lovely children?


Is our children playground safe for our children?

Kid at play

Are children free to play in our parkland without worry of intruders?

Can Mr Lai Koon Ming chairman of 8B who demanded the opening of 3 small gates, and the removal of fencing separating 8A & 8B assures the safety of our children at playground where their main entrance is totally unattended?

Just read missing child found dead below happened next to our taman at Putra Height……

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17 responses to “Any idea how to manage the perforation of security at the recreational park and play ground between 8A and 8B ?

  1. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    Could this be the scene between 8A and 8B border? if it is managed by different set of rules and different kind of people (RA) and security firm.

  2. Recently, the residents of 8B are getting impatient on the access to the playground, some demanding the 3 access gates to be opened. The 8B committee has failed to get the 85% consent from their residents to setup the G&G scheme. They are calling 8A chairman selfish, in other words, the 8A residents are selfish and demanding their committee to talk to 8A but failed and calling 8A chairman ‘stubborn’.

    Instead of 8B committee should be working hard to get the 85% consent like what 8A committee did back in 2011, they are now thinking of excuses that 8A is preventing the 8B committee from carrying out their duties (negotiate the opening of the 3 access gates to the playground). This is a very similar tactic used by our country’s political parties trying to shift people’s attention of their failures by creating incidences of the opposite side wrongdoing without correcting their own failures.

  3. look like our taman playground occupied with foreigners.

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman/Gabungan President)

    More story and facts on our Playground
    Please read link below about the TPP8a sales advertising on

    here is the extract under the heading:

    “A value proposition for investors and homebuyers alike, Taman Putra Prima’s newly launched Phase 8A offers 197 units of freehold double storey terrace houses built on 22’ x 65’ lots served with a fully equipped playground of its own.

  5. Yes, I totally agree that unless the security issue in 8B is solved if not the whole purpose of setting up a good security system in 8a will be defeated. Furthermore I have seen a number of foreigners who stay at 8b rendering around their road with beers on hand during DAYTIME and shout. U can imagine how scary it is. I would not want someone to stand in front of my house and shout, where my house is just opposite the playground.

    Despite this, I really would like to know what is the developer agreement at first? The playground is belongs to whose? 8a or 8b or both? If it belongs to 8a then I see no point to discuss with them, because it is ours. If it belongs to both, shouldn’t we have the same committee and same security guard company to handle the Taman? By separating the two and sharing the same property will not make the whole community safe for all of us . I strongly against the merging.

  6. Glad to see that there are few residents really concern the matter, hope there are more to voice up at here and share your valuable opinion. It is uneasy to come to this stage a well established gated and guarded security with record of 0 (zero) criminal thus far. I believe the intention of residents are very simple and straight forward, just to build a safe and peaceful taman for the family. I believe it is the same for 8B. Hope the 8B can quickly setup their security system and ensure the safety in between of 8A & 8B prior dismantle the fencing.

  7. No need to bother them. Our RA chairman is so fierce, we will not lose to them. Only when they have proper security set-up then they have the right to negotiate. Whether 8b can successfully collect enough money to set-up the security is question mark. I think it will be easy for them to join 8a RA and let RA manage 8b as well. Perhaps we can propose that to them.

    • Robert you are the man! give you a “like”. You are definitely right and it is a win win method toward successful gated and guarded community. However it is not right to describe our chairman is fierce, should say that sometimes he have no choice to the extend when come to protect the good of the resident. Whatever the RA done is just for the good of 8A, we never earn a single cents from the RA but just contribute as volunteer. Thus, the support from resident is really really important and solicited. Thanks all.

    • Dear Robert, I don’t think your suggestion to have 8B joining 8A is a good idea at this moment. If you remember, we were working really hard to get 85% of contribution at the early stage of setting up our security system. Although it is reaching 94% now, but is the result of hard work from all the committee members and owners. Can we afford to go through another round of similar process? I would suggest Mr. Lai of 8B to get their security system up first, then we shall consider about the joining. Bear in mind that our chairman and the whole committee are willing to provide help and guidance since the very beginning. Instead, we are welcoming 8B as our neighbor and has invited them for the Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk meeting.

      Blog Admin

  8. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Dear PP8A residents
    Do you all still remember all the 197 unit owners of PP8A did signed for the application prepared by developer for the erection of perimeter chain-link fencing (Pagar Perimeter Berantai) and guard house to the Yang Dipertua Majlis Perbandaran Sepang before the keys were handed over to you all., therefore the developer is under obligation to oversee that our fencing shall remain intact unless we 8A and 8B got into voluntary mutual agreement to remove the fencing separating the playground.

    For those who is interested to know more can check with me the 197 signed copy and letter from the developer stating the erection of perimeter chain-link fencing and the Majlis approval on our guard house and perimeter fencing/enclosure on architect prepared submission.( all are well documented stamped & signed by Pengarah Bangunan MPSepang, therefore the boundary of PP8A is cleary indicated and defined, not you say, he says, developer said or I think that kind of arguments)

  9. I think the best thing to do now is for 8B to setup their security to a similar level as 8A as soon as possible. No point of talking of taking down the fencing between 8A & 8B now as this will totally defeat the effort of 8A in setting up the security services. Let say, if really the fencing is taken down now, then 8A residents will stop contributing towards the security services as the security is compromised. Then, 8B will definitely will not succeed in setting up their security services as there is no fencing between 8A & 8B to protect their side as well.

    Both sides must look at this objectively rather than protecting their rights, one side must sacrifice 1st, then when everything is in order, then only we can considering taking down the fencing between 8A & 8B.

    If 8B is to insist the fencing to be taken down now, then setting up of security services at both sides will definitely fail. I agree with Rain that both side must work together to achieve the ultimate goals and must be considerate towards residents’ feelings at both sides.

    I sincerely hope 8B will put in more effort to gather more consent (85%) from house owners for application for G&G scheme. The 8A committee, especially the chairman, has put in countless effort to get the security setup, and today our collection has reached 94%. The 8A committee is very proud of this achievement and this is not possible if there is no commitment from the committee and the support of the residents.

    Aaron Wong

  10. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Imminent Security Perforation at playground between 8B

    Last Wednesday night (23/1/2013), during our Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk /KRT Taman Putra Prima (Coalition RA) meeting held at Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis Taman Mas. 8B chairman Mr. Lai confronted and compelled to me and Treasurer Aaron to open up the 3 small gates for the 8B resident to come into the play ground, and also asking the developer to remove the fencing thereby perforating our security without giving us any form of remedy or assurance to our well received gated and guarded community scheme (with nearly 95% residents consecutively subscribing to our security plan).

    Immediately I replied, we 8A security setup is fully established, and successfully maintained, as our security setup is also fully equipped with the most sophisticated card access system, 8 CCTV, plus 24 hour man guarded service.

    I told him we will only consider the opening of our boarder, gate or fencing with majority consensus from all 8A residents, provided Mr.Lai, 8B or developer can guarantee 8A residents full security measure without any compromise to what we had been enjoying so far (with zero case of criminal lost in properties and no physical assault was recorded since PP8A RA took over from developer).

    Dear PP8a residents, it is not too humble to claim that we had the best security setup in the entire Taman Putra Prima second to none and why should we give away without any assurance from 8B or Mr Lai.

    As on the opening of 3 gates, I questioned him, who will employ (pay for) the extra security guards to station and manage the gate like the east gate where over 90% of our resident wanted it to be locked at all time. Mr Lai hesitates and silent for a while and getting uneasy, next he shouted at me loudly “who will guarantee 8B security in return” for several times. I think he should put his house in order first before shouting at me.

    Dear all, the fact that, 8B hardly got 60% of the referendum by now, their security service provided by developer had already expired, the entrance is without guard now, and over 40 units with TNB meter doors were reported missing lately.

    Please voice your opinion as our homeland security and peace is under attack now.

  11. When 8A moved in, there is no fence at the playground and only zinc board to separate out the construction site, the playground is a common area for 8A and 8B. The developer then build the fence to minimize security concern at 8A as requested.
    On normal circumtances, developer should take down the fence/zinc board after construction completed since it is just meant for the construction. Sad to say due to crime rate living in KL, simple thing become challenging – security risk in 8A need to be considered as 8B has no security yet.
    Mr Kong had provided valuable input in 8B meeting addressing action items need to be done in setup all needed security. Let’s hope it will be smoooth and we shall soon live as a whole phase 8 neighbourhood together. 🙂

  12. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    The PP8A resident association committee welcomes any opinions and constructive/practical inputs from both the 8A and 8B residents. let us work together to ensure it won’t happen like another Gaza Strip between the Israel and Palestine.

  13. Could this be the land of endless dispute between 2 sides of the residents or RA in battle against security perforation, segregation and exclusivity?

  14. Question : is the current perimeter/ divider fence built between 8A and 8B just meant to be temporary?

  15. the play ground not belong to 8A?
    must share with 8B?

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