It has been a challeging 1st year for the Persatuan Penduduk JPP2



 the chronicle review of  TPP8A  till 31/12/2012

  1. 11/04/2011, We had 100% of the 197 unit owners agreed and signed for the application for the erection of perimeter fencing and guard house to the Yang Dipertua Majlis Perbandaran Sepang.
  2. 24/9/2011, the second meeting of the protem resident association of phase 8A initiated by the developer was held at the conference room of Plenitude Permai office, the agenda of the meeting were election of the committee and office bearer and appointment of security company for phase 8A to succeed the soon expiring  prepaid 6 month security service . however the meeting were attended by some 26 unit owners only (13%), following that the protem committee decided to have a total reach out and a massive exercise to launch a campaign of referendum on setting up a Gated and Guarded Community Scheme.
  3. 15/11/2011, Over 80% of the unit owner responded positive or supportive and returned with the signed referendum to endorse the RA for managing the security booth and hiring of KDN licensed security firm and approved the collection of setup cost and maintenance / security fees. ( 1–2% disagreed with the rate/concept, and about 10% not responded to our referendum but did signed for the application for the erection of guard-house and fencing)
  4. Gradually, nearly 95% of the units had been contributing to the setup cost and the  fourth monthly maintenance/ security fees to date.
  5. 15/12/2011. The RA took over the hiring/control of PP8A security service from the developer after the expiry of 6 months prepaid (6xRM80.00/month) mandatory maintenance plan imposed to every unit purchaser during the key handing over of the purchased unit.
  6. 14/12/2011 Successfully requested RM2.6 million allocation from Selangor state government through Senior Exco YB Teresa Kok to re-build the sinkhole road (Jalan Putra Prima Utara) after closing for nearly 3 years.
  7. 4th Jan 2012. The Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 was officially formed and registered with the Registrar of Society.
  8. Within couple of months nearly all the facilities mentioned / promised in the referendum had been gradually installed, commissioned and functioning properly, including but not limited to electricity, water, telephone, broadband utility connection, 3 motorised boom gates equiped with Touch & Go card reader access.  8 infra-red cameras CCTV 24 hour recording and with distant /remote monitoring capability via smart phone and computer internet. Spot lighting, road signed board, collapsible road divider with night vision enhanced reflector, 2 electric oscillating fan , 1HP split unit air condition unit, adjustable venetian blind sun-breaker. Acer desk top computer  was purchased to administer, monitor and record the card access system and a Acer laptop  plus laser printer to update and to manage the collection status.
  9. 13/6/2012 Obtained guard-house building plan approval from MPSepang
  10. 30/6/2012, Successfully organised ground breaking grand ceremony and invited many VVIP including Senior Exco YB Teresa Kok, MP Puchong YB Gobind Singh, YDP MPSeapang, Tuan Sayuthi, 7 Ahli Majlis including Mr. Santokh Singh, Mr. Lwi Kian Keong, Pengarah Kejuruteraan En Zulkefli Bin Mohd Arif, and several Top managers from Plenitude Bhd and some 500 residents attended the function accompanied and graced by 2 lion dance troupes. Food catering sponsored by developer Plenitude Permai Sdn bhd.
  11. By 31/12/2012 – Successfully put up and maintain this informative Blog with total 58 posts, 7 categories spreading over 21 pages, with over 240 comments or respondents and visited by some 17,780 viewers all times.
  12. By 31/12/2012 No incident of car been stolen, robbery, assults or fighting causing bodily injury  was reported within the compound of the gated and guarded community over the entire year of 2012 and before.

Last year  (2012) was indeed a very difficult year for the inexperienced and green RA to bring about all these  security setup to TPP8A and to materialize all those agenda listed above, where the RA was virtually given no guidance and assistance at all from the developer, we painfully worked through the dark or predicament and managed to overcome most of the obstacles, shortcomings, and even some sabotage acts from certain groups.

We hope the year 2013 will be a better and smoother one, Once again the RA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents for your past, present and future continuing support . And lets us worked together to upkeep all these facilities and installation,  look after the cleanliness of your neighbourhood  or surroundings and abide to the house rules and regulation to make our Taman the best buy for your property investment, the envy by others  and a better place to live and to raise your children/family.

Happy New Year to all the residents of Taman Putra Prima 8A and best wishes from:

Persatuan Penduduk JPP2

Kong Kok Meng (Chairman)

9 responses to “It has been a challeging 1st year for the Persatuan Penduduk JPP2

  1. Some add on to item 2 of the chronicle of review

  2. Good job! I will said that no one done better than TPP8A Resident Association. The full support from the residents of 8A have shown the unity in between of the RA and resident. I strongly believe the TPP8A will be managed better than previous in the upcoming period and future. Once again thanks for the great support from residents of 8A and the contribution from most valuable committee members.

  3. Appreciate your commitment. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year to everyone

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    No one can argue that, zero/low crime rate, grand/ sophisticated security entrance, free hold landed property, sinkhole free road, Gate and Guarded community scheme, beautiful landscape, well managed RA is the prerequisite for your discerning peaceful comfort living and a rocket booster to your property value. So let’s treasure and preserve all these hard works envisaged by the RA with the continuous support from all the residents of TPP8A in many years to come…….

  5. It has been a really good year 2012 thanks to our RA’s chairman & committee for their effort to ensure the security is maintained in our Taman. Thanks to our Chairman in getting all the necessary facilities in place for our guard house to be fully functional within a short period of time and keep it going. The RA is hoping the residents of TPP8A will continue to support the RA’s effort in year 2013 for maintaining the security of our Taman.

    Happy New Year to all the TPP8A’s residents.

  6. Thank you and happy new year.

  7. Million Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the hardwork and time invested to make it better place for everyone! HAppy New Year to the community members.

  9. Thank you for all the hardwork and effort. Keep up the good work.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

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