TPP8A value soaring from RM 350K to RM 675K for intermediate unit in just over 2 years

***Freehold with individual title***
Intermediate  unit asking price RM675,000 onwards
Corner unit sking Price RM 1,260,000
Posted Date:09/10/2012
Renovated Corner unit at PP2/6 asking RM1,700,000

7 responses to “TPP8A value soaring from RM 350K to RM 675K for intermediate unit in just over 2 years

  1. I was curious what is the actual transacted price? Anyone who had sold it before mind the share? Sometimes it can be misleading on what is posted as it is normal to ask for the highest price. The few units that are still empty might be the reason that the asking price is too high. Although I hope is wrong….

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    There are about 15 remaining empty unit investors and a few resident owners still insensible to disgrace, refuse to make any contribution to the security setup/ monthly security fees while enjoying our security protection and handsome property appreciation from our G&G scheme.

    Usually after reaping the gain and leeche off while contributing virtually nothing in return to the peace loving and benevolent community.

  3. Problem is someone is still thinking why wasting money to support the initiative to setup a G&G scheme and even some threatened to complain to authorities to stop the G&G scheme because he/she doesn’t want to take part.

    • I heard of one case in Subang Jaya if I am not mistaken that just because of one unit not agree, the G&G have to be brought down. But in this case the G&G scheme is not what the buyers subscribed to when they signed the S&P. In TPP8a, the developer sold us the G&G scheme, so I don’t think it will work if we have one owner disagreed.

  4. Security, it seems has become a prized commodity, It is the reason that (C&G) developments are becoming popular with Malaysia even though it comes with a high price Tag ….The Edge Property

    The premium for G & G homes can be hefty, Ng Seing Liong, immediate past president of Real Estate and Housing Developer’s Association Malaysia (Rehda), notes that a G&G property unit can cost almost twice as much as a non-G&G unit, “While a normal terraced house in the Klang Valley area costs RM260K, a similar unit in G&G development costs RM500K.”

  5. What I want to say is beautiful, green, quiet, peaceful and safe place to stay.

  6. Phase 8a is the highest and quickest return of investment ever recorded since Taman Putra Prima was developed. Thanks to the impressive and sophisticated security entrance booth coupled with the hardwork put up by the RA. PP8A had set the bench mark in Taman Putra Prima, others striving to match……as evident by the shrewd minded property agent picking the 8A entrance wall and security equipment as a sales catch.
    That entrace wall picture was taken during YB Teresa Kok visit to TPP8A on the occassion of the RM2.6 million road repair ground breaking ceremony.

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