2013 Budget highlight

In recognising the contribution and efforts of the private sector and local communities to address security concerns, the government will provide a launching grant of RM40 million for 4,025 resident associations registered under the Registrar of Societies to enhance patrolling efforts in neighbourhoods, with each association receiving RM10,000.



为打造一个安全的社会, 政府大力鼓励及推动各社区参与 提升睦邻计划维护民宅安全,并打算发放1万令吉奖掖给该些已向社团注册局登记的4025个居民协会,鼓励他们在民宅巡逻。

4 responses to “2013 Budget highlight

  1. bravo!

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    I can’t wait to share it with you all, thank Harry of No 8 Jalan PP2/8 for sms me the good news this afternoon, cheers to our newly appointed auditor.

  3. Great!… 雪中送碳。

  4. Indeed this is a good news for our RA.

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