IPD Sepang Meeting Taman Putra Prima

Security is the No 1 priority for a Gated & Guarded Community, The PP8A RA not only jointly sponsored the event but also actively engaged in the dialogue session with the high ranking PDRM officers including Deputy OCPD DSP Tuan Zaldino, 2 ASP , 3 Inspector many more from IPD Sepang.

According to police  record, from year 2012  till now only 2 cases of robbery and 2 cases of house break in or burglary were reported in Taman Putra Prima. DSP Zaldino thanked the effort of RAs and residents for  the low crime rate, and it was likely attributed to the success of neighbourhood  watch and the wide implementation of gated and guarded scheme

Building up a good and rapport working relationship with the IPD Sepang and pondok police officers is also the most effective way to deal with syndicated crime, gangsterism and other security threat to our peace loving community.

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