Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 AGM was successfully held on 30/3/2014

Pursuant to Article 8(3) of our resident association constitution, AGM was duly held on 30th March 2014, venue at 15, Jalan Industri Mas 10, Taman Mas. And the followings had been conducted accordingly in the meeting:

 a) To receive the minutes of the previous annual general meeting;

b) To receive the Committee’s report on the working of the Society  during the previous year;

c) To receive the Treasurers’ report and the audited accounts of the Society for the previous year;

d) To elect a Committee and to appoint auditors for the ensuing year;

e) To deal with such other matters as may be put before it.

Item (a) (b) & (c) were read by Secretary and Treasurer respectively and received by the meeting. New committees were duly elected, and auditors had been appointed for the year of 2014—2015

  1. Chairman            Kong Kok Meng
  2. Secretary             Ng Kuo Sin
  3. Treasurer            Aaron Wong Ching Ping
  4. Blog Editor         Chew Hock Chuan
  5. Committee          Joan Tan Pei Pei
  6. Committee          Alan Khoo Kok Ann
  7. Committee          Liow Chee Khon
  8. Committee          Priya Devi A/P Paramanathan

Auditors appointed:         1) Harry Ng Sheng Xyng                  2) Woo Wai Leong

As on the issue of divider fencing and playground, the new committee will look forward to the subsequent 4-Parties meeting to be called by Majlis sometimes in April. The AGM also approved a proposal put forward by the chairman to appoint a book-keeper with provision or monthly allowance to assist the treasurer in keeping all the association account and collection records in placed.

 The meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

2 responses to “Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 AGM was successfully held on 30/3/2014

  1. It was an uneasy year of 2013 for the TPP8A RA committee. The RA had gone through a very difficult path in this year to get a fully legalized G&G scheme for Taman Putra Prima 8A. We faced the challenge from resident of 8B torn down the fencing along the play ground several times (we repaired it with own cost). Demolition notice of guard house received from MPS (our chairman stop it with thousand words in letters and travels to MPS) until we got the TOL approval for our guard house on 12th September 2013. The effort to get all of these, it can only described in few words and no others —-> “Tonne of load and effort” to make it success. Further, our crime rate 0% as recorded. It is not easy at all.

    We are very proud of it and even raised the attention from other taman’s RA from Shah Alam far away from Puchong come across us to understand the path we had gone through to get a fully legalize G&G scheme. Special thanks to our Chairman Mr Kong had lead us all the way toward the success of G&G scheme.

    As residents of 8A, definitely we are enjoying such a “free service”, so am I. However what we have seen in the recent AGM meeting was very discouraging indeed due to poor attendance that only minimum quorum was met and no more. The RA cannot continue if this circumstance continue for another few more years. We can not solely rely on the few committee members of RA. The RA needs new blood and more active person to reinforce and continue service the community. Whatever we have done is for the good of 8A and no others. We the resident of 8A will benefit and smile until the end. Do join us for onward activity and meeting and lend your hand to the RA.

    TPP8A RA Secretary

  2. Congratulation to those committee members and auditors, especially our Chairman, who have been elected unopposed and appointed in the AGM. Even those former committee members who are not re-elected, please do continue to join the RA’s meetings, events, etc. as you are still a part of the committee, just not listed with ROS.

    Here, hoping the residents of TPP 8A continue render their to support the RA in order to continue providing security services that has been very successful in the past and will continue to maintain the level of peacefulness inside of our Taman.

    With the fully legalised G&G scheme (building permit, TOL, G&G approval, etc.), we are very proud of our achievement thanks to our Chairman for spending countless effort to protect the perimeter fencing that has been keeping our Taman a safer place.

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