Taman Putra Prima 8A Speed Limit 20km/hr

All residents of Taman Putra Prima and visitors,

Please be advised to abide to our speed limit ruling not exceeding 20km/hr cruising within our taman.

Please be reminded that our taman is a relaxing and easy residential and recreational G&G community scheme. This is a place designated for kids riding bicycle freely around, a place for the senior citizen to walk around, the athletes to jog around, but certainly not a place for your driving excitement, not a place to exert your throttle excessively…..

It is very dangerous and is a total blind spot for a reversing vehicle from its car porch against the fast passing vehicles, thus we urge everyone to drive below 20km/hr and be alert at all time to pedestrian, cyclists especially to pay attention to kids around.

There is no exception for any motorist whether you are driving Kancil, Saga, BMW, or AMG, please adhere to our speed limit, and all residents are urged to be vigilant and to point a finger at those errant drivers who ignore our speed limit sign.

To all our fellow residents, your cooperation is very much appreciated.



9 responses to “Taman Putra Prima 8A Speed Limit 20km/hr

  1. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A Chairman)

    Construction of road bumps at main road is solely at the discretion of majlis. Anyone can forward the request directly to majlis via e-aduan

  2. I believe that we need speed bumps to be installed before the guardhouse for those cars coming from Taman MAS. Those cars are practically speeding pass our guardhouse without consideration for our house owners turning in to our Taman. It is very dangerous for owners coming home and got some delays in passing the barrier resulting in some stopping in the middle of that road.
    Another factor is, I notice quite a few people driving in the visitor lane without tag but by just waving his/her hands to the guards. Don’t you all think it’s so unfair to those who pay their dues but for some, ???????????.
    One more factor. Some ladies who come to our Taman to exercise in the morning with some of our Taman owners are creating a lot of noise with music blaring as early as 6.15-6.30am. Is this fair to us who is staying in front of the courtyard to have a peaceful morning? If these continues without action being taken, then no point for us to pay maintenance fees if security is breached that way

  3. Aaron Wong Ching Ping

    Good. Can we also get signage for no parking at the shoulder of junction?

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A Chairman)

      We also ask residents do not plant trees, growing thick shrubs or bush at road shoulder especially near the road junction, this also block driver vision for turning. Unfortunately some residents are not considerate or not cooperative despite being told repeatedly, please be noted that any land outside your perimeter fence is not your land or property, It belongs to MPSepang jurisdiction for road reserve and landscaping.

  4. Dear chairman

    Good day to u.
    I hv noticed speed plate of 20km/h is being adviced within our taman, but there are car drive too fast along the putra prima utara road…towards taman mas…even increasing of the ride of heavy trucks.
    May i know how can we request for some roads bumps along the putra prima utara road.

    Ivan Lai

  5. With this speed limit sign board, road user has no excuses to say “I don’t know” for speed limit controlled in Taman. Good job to RA committee members. You are really taking care the people.

  6. Please ask the guards to caution those bas sekolah as i once had a near miss when they turn the corner at the junction of PP2/9. I scolded the driver for driving so fast coming from the guard house.

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