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Over 400 TPP8A residents turned out enthusiastically in the very first Mid-Autumn Festival cum Carnival organised by the RA

6th September 2014


The very first mid-autumn festival was celebrated with overwhelming response from the resident of TPP8A, the crowd turning out for the carnival was unprecedentedly far exceeding the organizing committee initial conservative estimation of around 200–300.

Kids, adults and senior citizens were all delighted in this carnival, catering variety of food from fried meehoon, noodle, fish fillet, curry vege, chicken, nyonya kuih, popiah, yam cake, sandwiches,  KFC Fried chicken, jelly, fruits…….

Among the highlights of the night were lucky draws and Lantern Riddles where some 40 presents were given away including 2 brand new Raleigh bicycles, children stationery packs, flowers and USB pen-drives.

15 kids from our taman kindergarten–Genius Kid were also been invited to present 6 dances and performances to cheer the occasion. According to the RA chairman Mr Kong, This is the 2nd biggest function successfully organised by the RA after the RM2.6 million road rebuild ground breaking ceremony held about 2 years ago.


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