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The PP8A Perimeter Fencing will be reinforced and strengthened to deter the intrusion of stray dogs


The PP8A RA has approved an allocation/budget for improvement and strengthening works to the existing chain-link-fence. This is necessary in order to upgrade the durability and to enhance the ability to withstand tear or break-in. The concrete reinforced bedding will be the most effective measure to deter the rampant intrusion of stray dogs into our G&G scheme. The mild steel anchor pillar to the perimeter fencing will also be re-painted with anti-corrosion oxide paint for more lasting structural integrity.


Conceptual illustration of concrete reinforced bedding to strengthen a typical chain link fence.


BEFORE — PP8A original chain-link-fencing is without concrete reinforced bedding

20140714_133819 (2).jpg revised

AFTER —- Concrete bedding strengthening work was done to the fencing…… photo updated on 14/7/2014

Just to recapture our memory, the RA had signed an undertaking letter before the commissioner of oath  on 13/6/2013 for the maintenance of perimeter fencing at RA own cost, this is one of the prerequisite requirements imposed by the local authority (Majlis Perbandaran Sepang) in granting the approval for PP8A Gated & Guarded Community Scheme.

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