A New Refreshing Paint Works & Outlooks To PP8A G&G Community Scheme Grand Entrance


The first MPSepang fully approved Gated & Guarded Community Scheme in Taman Putra Prima, Phase 8A is entering into the third year of maintenance and up keeping of security and equipments since its establishment in December 2011 by the RA.

The entire main entrance including the road kerb, guard-house, wing wall, barricades and road bump were re-painted with high quality Nippon weather-bond, glossy red /white enamel paint and weather resistant sealer.

Hibiscus shrubs, perennial plants including the Madagascar rosy periwinkle  and royal palm trees are nourished with fertilizers and water regularly to ensure the plants are green, healthy and refreshing all year round.

These well blended landscaping amidst lavish greenery and bright red hibiscus blossoms also attracted many “visitors” to our park, the lovely and agile Olive Backed Sunbird is among the most frequently sighted  species “visitor” along the main entrance road.


4 responses to “A New Refreshing Paint Works & Outlooks To PP8A G&G Community Scheme Grand Entrance

  1. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    The Olive-backed Sunbird feeds primarily on nectar from a range of flowering plants including mangroves and garden flowers.

    Hibiscus is a favourite, as are the sweet smelling Kemuning or Orange Jasmine and palm flowers. With its curved beak, it can poke a hole at the base of the flower, thereby avoiding payment of pollination

    Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2013/11/17/olive-backed-sunbird/#ixzz38gBuNhdq

  2. Thanks for u all.
    Appreciate u all effort to make taman presentable.
    However,recently heard lot of black crow sound in taman 8a.have u all heard that?
    After do some research found out, know and get below info.hope can share wth all our resident here.

    Crows are among most intelligent birds.Crows also be a nuisance by tearing open trash,destroying group and make noise.
    Crows spread garbage every where…..
    But wonder why crows grouping here?since environment here clean,or we mistake actually is not.
    Is it clean or dirty?
    Since this happen,wat can we do to solve it?can inform MPS?OTHER solution?
    Let us think about tis to save our taman alwsys in good and nice look.

  3. Saw our chief guard was painting the white line outside of our guard house. Look like we have to do part of duties of our local authority.

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