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Home for peace and nature lover — Taman Putra Prima 8A 良禽择木而栖


良禽择木而栖–A good bird chooses the tree upon which to perch

dove flying

The western end of Jalan PP2/8 of TPP8A  is indeed a bird sanctuary for many species of native birds and a frequent stop over for migratory birds as well. The reserved green belt along the water retention basin wetland is an ideal breeding ground or natural habitat for a dozen species of exotic and native birds in the vicinity of Puchong suburb .

Last sighting before back to wilderness

A pair of baby dove last sighting before back to wilderness

Every morning and evening, dawn and dusk, especially after raining you can easily sighted King fisher, Water-hen, Magpie robin, Common Myna, Jambul, Bee-eater, Spider-hunter, Sun-bird…………foraging, flying and singing. An explicit  scene of  biodiversity and bird conservation region.

It is interesting to share with my fellow 8A residents that a pair of Peaceful (zebra) Dove (merbuk,/ 斑鸠) used to be foraging and singing in front of my residence built its nest and gave birth to two chicks at my bonsai tree just next to the Resident Committee Chairman honour plaque and our security logbook box. Under my custody and care the chicks were grown and set to fly back to wilderness.

Listen to audio below for Peaceful Dove Call

Doves mate for life, are incredibly loyal to each other and work together to build their nest and raise their young. Because they tend to nest in areas that humans can watch, people picked up quickly on the idea that doves were dedicated, honorable and peaceful. While hawks and other birds of prey would violently attack their neighbors, the dove was a bird of peace, eating seeds, easily trained to eat out of the hand or to become domesticated. Beginning with the Egyptians, the dove was as symbol of quiet innocence. The Chinese felt the dove was a symbol of peace and long life. To early Greeks and Romans, doves represented love and devotion, and care for a family. The dove was the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love and friendship. The dove also symbolized the peaceful soul for many cultures.