Who & Why created the messy conjoined twins of 8A & 8B?

The Developer and Majlis had created a big dilemma to 445 purchasers or residents of Phase 8A (197 units) & Phase 8B (248 units). The Majlis wanted to open up the divider fencing between the 2 phases but failed to address the issue of connecting roads (cul-de-sac), security control  over the perforation of perimeter fencing and the legality of 8b guardhouse of the two separated G&G schemes.

It is like a conjoined twins or commonly named as Siamese twins. It is difficult to be surgically resolved. Most cases of separation are extremely risky and life-threatening. In many cases, the surgery results in the death of one or both of the twins. Even the surgery is successful they  do not live to their normal life expectancy or premature death.

Similarly, it is cautious that, any harsh action imposed by the authority without due consideration and consultation with the JPP, RA and all the residents is likely detrimental to the effort of promoting long lasting security, peace, stability and good neighbourhood or harmonious living environment to the region.

Siamese-twins-7_blog-fulltwin 2

Please see below, from the old master plan, it is clear that 8A & 8B were in fact planned as 1 phase with 1 exit, 1 garden or playground in the middle. But some way along the development (gestation), the embryo splits into two,  or became Siamese twins with 2 exits (2 mouths) , 2 RAs (2 heads), 2 bodies (2 phases), 1 playground ( sharing 1 lung and 1 heart)…..

Now, the developer (mother) and the authority (surgeon) blames the twin babies why can’t you all just live a happy life and be quiet instead keep crying every day & night…………

The then GM Mr Ivan Hor says  “extra” features provided at no additional cost are what differentiate Taman Putra Prima from other developments. Each phase for instance, will be fenced up, with his own guarded access and this is for free. (TheEDGE 17 December 2001)

A value proposition for investors and homebuyers alike, Taman Putra Prima’s newly launched Phase 8A offers 197 units of freehold double storey terrace houses built on 22’ x 65’ lots served with a fully equipped playground of its own.

(Source: i-property Thursday, September 17, 2009)


3 responses to “Who & Why created the messy conjoined twins of 8A & 8B?

  1. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    pada APRIL 2012

    4.10 Pembinaan Pagar / Tembok

    i. Pagar / tembok dibenarkan dibina di sekeliling kawasan ‘gated community’ sebagai sempadan dengan kawasan bersebelahan.

    ii. Pelaksanaan hanya dibenarkan bagi kawasan komuniti yang tidak mempunyai jalan bersambung atau dihubungkan dengan kawasan komuniti bersebelahan dan sekitarnya (cul-de-sac sahaja dibenarkan).

    4.11 Laluan Keluar Masuk

    i. Perlu menyediakan sekurang-kurangya 2 laluan keluar masuk.

    ii. Satu (1) laluan digunakan sepenuhnya sebagai laluan utama untuk kenderaan keluar masuk manakala 1 laluan lagi sebagai laluan kecemasan.

    iii. Pemasangan ‘boomgate’ hanya boleh dibuat di dalam kawasan ‘gated community’.

    iv. Pondok pengawal perlu diletakkan di pintu masuk utama keluar masuk bagi memudahkan kawalan keselamatan.

    v. Kedudukan / anjakan pondok pengawal dari jalan awam utama hendaklah tidak kurang daripada 6 meter.

  2. As per my comments earlier in other posts, there is only one logical solution to this mess. Both Phase 8A & 8B should be managed by one RA and have one exit and entry point for cost effective measures. Having two RAs and two exit and entry points is going to be wasteful of residents’ fund contribution and continue to dispute on the dividing fencing issue to no end and ultimately failure of security setup for both sides. Do you really want this to happen? The choice is in your hand.

  3. 8B residents…..lets resolve this issue……lets join together for a harmonious living environment

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