Snakes frequently found in TPP8A garden and play ground


The chairman was alerted last week by a resident that she saw a snake near her  house under the drain cover. So she wanted the RA or guard-house to call bomba, and the bomba came after our committee member Mr Ng Kuo Sin made  the call but the snake was disappeared. So I instructed the security guard Marzuki to find out more. And later he bought some sulphur powder to sprinkle around that area.

The resident who called me said the Committee should do something about it as the snake is very poisonous……….

For your information I was grown up in a remote small village near Tapah Perak, when I was a kid, I used to help my parent to tape rubber in the wee hour before dawn or before sun rise at the fringe of jungle,  and the grass and shrubs is at knee high. Seeing snake is like seeing Air Asia in LCCT, anywhere that was old story.

Just recently not more than a month ago, I showed Treasurer Aaron Wong that I had killed one 2–3 feet small king cobra snake right in front of my lovely bonsai tree. the snake was spotted by my maid, and she told me right after I came home from work. And in less than a couple of minutes I used water jet aimed at the hiding place ( with garden hose) to drive out the hiding snake and immediately I killed it with a stick.

And later my wife bought some sulphur and spread all along my house perimeter drain. below is some guide lines where you can drive away snakes.





在南方的毒蛇产地,如云南、贵州、广西自治区等的山区村户将驱蛇奇草–蛇灭门植于庭院附近或房前屋后,以防毒蛇入宅伤害人畜. 该植物为一年生草本,而奇怪的是正当6、7、8、9月间毒蛇旺盛季节里,该植物的气味特别浓郁,在此时你若摘几株叶片放在毒蛇身旁,它会亡命奔逃。而10-11月间蛇类刚进入冬眠时,其气味逐渐消失,11月下旬至12月上旬蛇进入冬眠时,此草逐渐枯萎而死。

注: 在马来西亚, 蛇灭门花也很常见, 我也从吉打家乡采了一些种子在我Taman Putra Prima家围墙外播映.请看下图照片



我家种的蛇灭门已开花了,若有意栽种,可向我搜取种子., flower bloom at my yard (chairman) Those interested can get seed from me

Just a word for all residents, the committee member is like anyone of you and your neighbor, they are not snake catcher,  and the RA or guardhouse is not information center either, they are just ordinary people like you, without any special privilege or access to anybody or authority, they too have to look after their own rice bowl, children or family. if you wish to call bomba, or any emergency service,  please call 999 or any number below, everyone is with a hand-phone nowadays.

Emergency Services Numbers
Police & Ambulance : 999
Fire Brigade : 994 / 03-8318 4142
Civil Defense :991
Accidents / Natural Disasters : 991
TPP8A Guardhouse  :  03-8090 1870
Balai Polis Putra Perdana : 03-8318 5122

7 responses to “Snakes frequently found in TPP8A garden and play ground

  1. hi mr kong, can we request some party or authority help to clean up our garden, i just found some small snake come out from the garden.

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    我家种的蛇灭门已开花结种了,若有意栽种,可向我搜取种子. COFFEE SENNA / CASSIA OCCIDENTALIS L flower is blooming at my yard. Those interested can get seed from me.

  3. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    我从吉打州日得拉取回的蛇灭门种子已生长开花了, 希望有驱蛇作用.
    The CASSIA OCCIDENTALIS L seeds I brought back from Jitra Kedah is blooming now, hopefully this will drive all snakes away from my house

  4. I think this is as expected as the clearing of the area west to our Taman recently by the developer to make way for future construction has caused these creatures no way to hide but to come to our Taman. I think, over time, these sighting will reduced once they find other better areas with less human around.

    From what I have watched on the TV, these creatures are afraid of human and will run / crawl away if they see human unless they are provoked into self defense. I think we need to be alert not to go near or step on these creatures. The poisonous snakes are usually having very colorful body like green or stripe colors.

    There is nothing much we can do (we are not snake expert) except for calling the bomba immediately if you see one rather than getting others to do it for you. The reason why the persons who saw the creatures should make the calls to bomba is because he/she know best the size and location of the creatures when the person at the other end of the phone call wanted to know more details. As a resident ourselves, we all must have the willingness to assist to make our Taman a safer place, not just depending on the commitee members.

    I have a feeling that some of the residents do not understand the roles of the RA of our Taman. The main roles of the RA is to maintenance the guard house, the security guards and ensure them doing their jobs properly. Any other roles played by the RA are out of willingness and should not be seen as a must. Lets live in our Taman in harmony and be nice to each others.

  5. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Monitor lizard is very common, especially by the river side or close to nature. the chairman’s house is nearest to the wetland and the bushes. The monitor lizard or 四脚蛇 or biawak is not poisonous, just chase it off with a long stick or scare it away with loud noice.

  6. i am at jln 2/6, by 1/6 there was a 4′ Lizard in my car park and trying to come inside my house, luckily the full height main door glasses avoid it coming in and the lizard go away.

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