Ridzuan Condo 管理层: “禁出租单位给黑人,只要安乐家园“非排挤黑人”

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Ridzuan 3





At Subang condo, ban against ‘African’ tenants

Why Africans are being targeted at Ridzuan condo?

5 responses to “Ridzuan Condo 管理层: “禁出租单位给黑人,只要安乐家园“非排挤黑人”

  1. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)


  2. Definitely no body want to be racist. What for? 吃饱没事做吗?? As a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour … we need to learn how to respect other before you gain respect from other. The residents are enjoying their calm and peaceful life but suddenly all these turn into mess even a nightmare. Life is in danger and insecure, who want that? Hope they will understand and learn from this.

  3. Are these African really students in our local colleges? If not all are college students, those others are actually here for what? If really working here, do they have legal working permit? From the rumours, they are paying top dollars for the rental, ie. paying higher than market rates. So many questions but no answer.

    I have seen them buying hard liquor at the sundry shops late at night near residential areas and drinking in group on the streets / in front of the rented houses. Because they are not violating any law, the policeman can’t do much.

    I know how the owners/residents of that condo feels as I have stayed in an apartment before and these group of people (a few people at a time) were roaming in and out of my apartment in the wee hours and talking out loudly among their friends while drinking alcoholic beverages even during the weekdays. The security guards can’t do much as they look much bigger in body size and number as well. Those African don’t look like students at all, more like adults.

    I think this is normal in a city of a world class like KL but in the suburban areas as well?

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    Many articles are clipped from Chinese daily, You may translate with Google translator, though it can’t be 100% perfect, but at least you know what is all about.

  5. Hi All,

    Off late, I noticed there are few articles/comments were post in Chinese and I guess it must be interesting but it would be good if you can post in English next time for the benefit of people that don’t read Chinese

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